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the cast includes actors like “the rock” johnson, ben affleck, george lopez, dwayne “the rock” johnson, dennis quaid, tea leoni and d. b. sweeney. “san andreas” was directed by brad peyton from a screenplay he and his brother john peyton wrote and is a production of “san andreas” pictures. john and brad peyton were the co-directors of the film “rampage” and also worked as a director and producer on “mystery men.”

After graduating, he spent a year at the University of Geneva writing screenplays and working at a cheese factory, watching films by the pool. Later, at the University of Paris VIII, he turned to directing, earning a master’s in film studies. But it took nearly a decade for Vetrimaran’s feature films to earn recognition in a neighborhood where it’s a rarity for anyone to write, direct, or act in anything, for that matter. Much of his work goes unrecognized, shot almost entirely outdoors in India’s Tamil-speaking heartland, where even the people often just act as props.
At one point, Vetrimaran was working on a melodrama with a Tamil actor, pitching it to a Tamil production house, and nearly persuaded them to finance it. But they said no, it was too risky a project for them. They were certain the actor would be lost in the middle of nowhere.
Since, Vetrimaran’s filmography has sprung up like a storybook out of a dusty corner of south India. “There isn’t a good movie here,” he says, scanning the neighborhood’s collective profile. “I have 10 years here, and have made so many bad movies, but I have eight good ones.
After leaving Paris, he returned to India and married, and went to Mysore, where he made the offbeat thriller Ongiri (1999), named for the wraparound plastic shields his characters use to protect themselves in his production house. It was a solid hit, and lead to an offer from the Tamil Nadu Film Development Corporation. He shot Guri with a $500,000 grant and a small group of Indian actors, hoping the film would garner attention.
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