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As evening fell over the site of the ancient Roman town of Trier, three new moon-shaped domes lit up in glowing white in the Mediterranean Sea. When finished, the domes will contain an indoor pool and a restaurant, with the rest of the arena to be converted into homes for Trier’s ever-increasing homeless population. It’s part of the project of regenerating the landscape, turning a former industrial site into a new community, which has been described as “tiny bits of history” stuck between the industrial of modern Europe.

A group of German architects have designed the domes, which were added to the site in the past year. “We wanted to create an environment where people could enter the complex through different layers,” said architect Mose Singer.

For the architects, the building is designed to be an ecological production site. “It is a self-sustainable factory that is symbiotic to the local landscape,” said Singer. “Everything is grown inside the domes, no chemicals and no waste.” The complex will also include solar panels, a solar oven and a vegetable garden.

The first dome, the smallest, is scheduled to open in May. As more of the complex is completed, it will be shared with the local community and offer respite from the overcrowded streets outside. In total, there will be seven domes at the site—four for communal use and three for visitors and tourists.

[Presse]Wednesday, June 28, 2010

The Marriage Counselling Act

This week’s session of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) was presented by their president, Deena Hinshaw, as a seminar on dealing with the various aspects of the illusive and dangerous science of “marriage counselling”. Here, for the first time, are her reflections on the matter:

How much time do you have to go to heaven?

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Macro recorder.

ThePYMacro license is free for personal and educational use. For commercial use or if you need multiple licenses, please contact us.


The PYMacro Python module from ThePYMacro is a simple Python module that allows you to easily record keystrokes and mouse actions in Python-compatible text files and then replay them with the built-in replay module.
The module supports Windows, macOS, and Linux and comes in two versions: a script-based version and a module-based version.
The script-based version has a Python and Bash window. It is a script that executes in a window and thus does not require any additional modules.
However, the module-based version requires the PyMacro Python module as a dependency.
The module-based version also supports Python 3.5 and Python 3.6.
Both versions also support keyboard shortcuts (by default) and can be used with the Run module.
Keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts are a convenient way to save time. By default, every key press generates a new line of text in the window.
In some cases, this can make the recorded script look overwhelming. For example, if you try to record an entire Python script, you can expect to see hundreds of lines of text in the window.
With keyboard shortcuts, you can define a key combination to record a new line in the file.
The available shortcuts are:

Clicking into the window where your mouse actions are being recorded.

The “Enter” key.

The forward slash key (/)

The backslash key (\)

The right- and left-arrow keys.

The up and down arrows.

The space bar.

The comma, period, and semicolon keys.

The enter and tab keys.

The delete key.

The left- and right-arrow keys.

The home and end keys.

The left, right, and forward slash keys.

The left, right, up, and down arrows.

The PageUp and PageDown keys.

The comma, period, and semicolon keys.

The Enter, Tab, and Delete keys.

The backslash, period, and semicolon keys.

You can click into the window and use the keyboard shortcuts by simply pressing the “Escape”