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Portal-Tech is a website that offers free information regarding the latest software and computer utilities. We also provide software reviews and editor’s picks. If you are looking for free pirated software, please do not visit Portal-Tech. You may be charged with a crime or sued.Tom DeBlasio Fights Mayor DeBlasio’s Tough NYC Teachers Union Contract

The leaders of the de Blasio campaign say the union contract should let go of collective bargaining so that there is more open space for innovation in schools.

Image: AP Photo/Joe Corrigan

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s campaign against Mayor de Blasio’s unprecedentedly tough teachers union contract has quietly turned into a high-stakes battle over the future of public education in New York City.

And it’s one that involves a bold stroke that is sure to ruffle feathers on the left.

De Blasio’s campaign manager and aides said this week that teachers should be forced to give up their right to bargain individually for the first time ever in New York City history.

De Blasio’s supporters want to bust up the existing teacher union contract and let schools choose their own leadership, both for teachers and for principals, who are currently subject to collective bargaining.


The campaign has issued a proposal for teachers to consider for a new contract. Key elements include $5,000 pay raises and reinstating tenure after two years. Teachers would be allowed to build seniority in a new and more open system.

But de Blasio’s contract proposal also seeks to limit the teachers union’s ability to negotiate for students.

“We’re proposing a system of merit and accountability based on teacher performance that is teacher-driven and student-centered,” said the de Blasio campaign. “Because it will be teacher-driven, students can choose and be able to choose their own teachers and their own leaders.”

From the union point of view, that is the heart of the issue: Who is going to set the boundaries for what goes into collective bargaining?

The contracts that have been negotiated in New York are not just a set of generic rules for dealing with teachers. They include language about pay, class size, disciplinary procedures and the function of the union.

For example, they prohibit the union from negotiating for pay beyond the current annual increment.

“Coupled with our union’s need to represent 24,000 teachers, we simply could not operate on an open system of contract negotiations

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