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Water and sewer service in Lynn starts with public sewage systems that serve houses, businesses, and institutions. They are a series of pipes that carry the combined sewage from kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and other fixtures to the sewage treatment plant in an attempt to remove the solids and harmful chemicals from the water.

Often, primary interceptor sewers that carry untreated sewer water from street-level drains to the treatment plant are placed underground when there is adequate land available and public sentiment is favorable. Over time, these sewers become clogged with debris and are unable to serve all of the land areas served by the system. Thus, in addition to interceptor sewers, sewers are also placed under buildings, particularly when downtown streets are being converted to pedestrian sidewalks and other improvements, and under sidewalks in general areas.

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As noted earlier, the general fund, which pays for most of the basic services, gets a larger portion of the operating budget than the sewer fund. Several of the basic services are directly related to the operations of the water and wastewater treatment plant.
A stormwater fee helps to preserve our local waterways by paying to clean stormwater on a property after it has passed into the storm sewers. The fee is a charge paid by a property owner to allow the municipality to clean our local waterways.
Residents can now view their monthly fee on their monthly water bill for $9.50. This is not a separate charge, rather it is a charge that is paid by property owners in Lincoln County. The fee covers the costs associated with maintaining the sewer system, like restoring and inspecting damaged piping.
The sewage in the storm sewer is from rain water entering the storm sewers. Not all rain water will run off the roadways. Shrubs, plants, and trees are in the way of the rainwater that travels into the storm sewers. In addition, many parking areas do not have any means of containing or diverting run off water.
A Request for Proposals (RFP) has been issued for the line item of the sewer extension project and will be posted at the Toledo Water Department office located at 221 E. 9^th St., Toledo OH 43604 and to Toledo City Council on April 8, 2018. Public hearings will be held on the proposed sewer extension project on Thursday, March 1 and Thursday, March 8, 2018. At the public hearing on March 1, 2018, the City Council will consider the SEQR Permit for the proposed extension of the sewer and amendments to the SEQR Permit for the conversion of a portion of the existing sewer to residential use.