This macro generates a 128-bit MD5 hash of the file or folder specified by its argument. The function requires file path. The file name can be omitted. You can also supply more than one file or folder in a single call to this function. The MD5 hash of the collection of files/folders is returned as a string. It is suitable to compare two collections, for example to compare their MD5 hashes.
This macro works on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.
SENDMAIL Description:
This macro sends an e-mail message using a specified e-mail server. The e-mail message is created using the MailMessage object. It has the following properties: “From”, “To”, “Subject” and “Body”.
SENDMAIL(“Server”, “From”, “To”, “Subject”, “Body”)
SMTP-AUTH Description:
SMTP-AUTH is an extension to the standard SMTP protocol (RFC-2821) for authenticating a client to an SMTP host. It is intended to provide a way for end users to automate the use of a set of trusted hosts, instead of needing to configure each and every server individually.
SMTP-AUTH(“Server”, “Username”, “Password”)
SETCOPY Description:
This macro sets a specified copy flag on a file or folder. The function requires a file path, the copy flag to be set and a copy flag value. The copy flag value can be any combination of the following:
– “r”: Read-only flag
– “w”: Write-only flag
– “c”: Copy flag
– “t”: No-copy flag
– “v”: Verbose flag
– “f”: Force flag
This macro works on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.
UNZIP Description:
This macro extracts a file from an archive with the specified extension using the specified compression method. It also supports the conversion of the names of the archive files and files. You can specify the following values:
– “1”: Convert to uppercase
– “2”: Convert to lowercase
– “*”: Convert to any case
– “.zip”: Convert to uppercase
– “. 384a16bd22

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DUDBCOM Description:
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