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RPG Maker MV – POP! Horror City: Character Pack 1 Full Crack [key]

while the child of the corn documentary and the creeper film take a tongue-in-cheek look at the horrorcore movement from a critical perspective, parasite gives the genre the respect it deserves. it should be the standard-bearer for the genre, but often isnt, which is why parasite is so important.

more of a dialogue than an album, straight no chaser is a five-song statement of purpose and artistic direction. the collection of live instrumentals and songs about artists and creative people, heaped upon the static background of his most ubiquitous sample of all, are not only a monument to the genre, but also a testament to his creative genius. the video for straight no chaser (featuring a misfits-referencing cameo by singer-songwriter ben schneider) is also one of the best horror movie trailers of all time, and the song-for-song lyrics (like the major leagues and giant clown) are some of the best songs of the past decade.

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if youre part of a community of muppets, chances are youve been dragged to see the rocky horror picture show like a thousand times. its a cult classic, of course, not only because it can create the most eccentric laughs with a simple story of a mad scientist and his inflatable girl, but because its music is so fun to dance to. from the opening notes of its opening song, the time warp, rocky horror jumps right into the deep end of the gothy subgenre of horrorcore, with an extended spoken word intro and the song itself being a treatise on sexual repression and the yearning to break free from the repressive chains of sex, religion, and other forms of social control. its juxtaposition of the playful nature of the musical numbers with the violent, dark humor of the spoken word bits make it one of the most enduring horror-comedies ever made.

oh yeah. the rpg maker dlc on steam is literally cosmetic (or aural, i guess, since there’s some royalty-free music packs being sold as well) — the functionality to make an rpg from start to finish is there.
theres an entire dungeon of bizarre contents, from the creeps, to the pipedogs, to the insane heavy metal dude. there are five characters in the pack as of now, with one more on the way. annette, the pipedog heroine, the metalhead, and the creep are out now, and a dusky lady named saya is the next to make her debut. (i couldn’t find any concrete release dates for the next character, but they’ve all been mentioned in development on twitter, and given that the pipedogs were mentioned as a new character, and that saya isn’t, i’d expect her to make a debut within the next couple of months, if not the next week or two.) while theres a decent variety of character types (fantasy, sci-fi, etc.), most of them are pretty generic. this is primarily a horror pack, so it’s not surprising that there’s pretty much no sci-fi or fantasy content here, aside from the creep in the intro.
theres a lot to like about this pack. the isometric camera angle, which is both a plus and a minus. it’s a plus because it’s both interesting and compelling to see the story unfold from an angle that takes you through the character’s head as much as a 3rd-person perspective would, but it’s also a minus because theres no freedom in movement; its difficult to get a good feel for a scene or battle while stuck in one spot.
this is a visual novel, not a game; the story is told in a text-box style, and you can click links or use the touch screen to go to different scenes. while it is a bit annoying to see a character point their hand at something and then you see it from another character’s point of view, it’s an enjoyable way to view the story, and the character design is great. the story is about a girl named annette who has a pipedog companion named saya, and they are trapped in a mansion that is controlled by a mad scientist who intends to steal peoples souls and turn them into creep zombies. it is reminiscent of the 1992 video game doom, but it retains its own identity and charms.