You and your friends are invited to participate in the activities of the Lands Between.
The Lands Between is an area where time is broken and a thousand years have passed, and where the gods are active.
You are cast out into the Lands Between from the storybook of the Land of Dawn’s Twilight, where the story of the Lands Between will unfold.
It is a world of mystery, where fate is sealed.
In this world, you will have to create a character, and join the fight of the Lord of the Lands Between.
It is in this world that you will experience a dramatic story of persistence, endurance, and struggle.
This is a game where you will be surrounded by a support team of heroes that hold you to your feet, as you experience the story of the Lands Between.
To this end, we will work together to develop the game to meet the expectations of our players.
Thank you for your continued support!


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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Tons of enemies, events, and battles to challenge you and make your adventure valuable
  • A variety of weapons and skills to let you free your true strength
  • 3rd-person action with smooth camera movements
  • 5 types of weapons, swords, bows, and bows with crossbows
  • A wide variety of armors and accessories to let you customize your character
  • Increases in your muscle strength with experience and training
  • Variety of abilities that supports friends of all strengths
  • Real-time voice chat with other players and an automatic translation system (Langauge selection is not yet available)
  • You can freely choose your gender and language
  • Beautiful 3D environments
  • A flexible skill tree system that lets you create your own character
  • A matchmaking system to make online gaming possible
  • A rewards system that lets you acquire items for your training and play
  • Online features including multiplayer and asynchronous online play with friends
  • A high-quality representation of the Lands Between, Arhata, and Antion where your adventure will take place
  • An original story based on a myth from the Elden Ring
  • A new fantasy RPG is now in development.
    At this time, you can only create a skill.
    The Midgard is currently the only available field.
    After you have created your character, you can use its action bars to fight the monsters, automatically select a weapon, switch into first-person mode, switch into third-person mode, change your character’s actions, use skills, and so on.
    We have developed an asynchronous online function that allows you to actually talk with other players while fighting with your character.
    Do you want to go on an adventure with a buddy?
    We are now developing a function for multiplayer games.
    Do you want to create a custom character?
    You can also add various attributes to your character using logic bricks.
    We are currently developing a function to make it possible for you to freely develop your character according to your play style.
    Do you want to begin your adventure in the Midgard and


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    Elden Ring Gameplay



    Arbel Light Elves

    RISE A character that grants you special powers.
    TARNISH Rise in level and become stronger.
    GRAFFITI Earn money and become a powerful character.



    Elden Ring – Hands-On at E3 2017


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    The new fantasy action RPG, Rise, Tarnished, in which the Lands Between are the battlefield for a ritual competition and to become an Elden Lord. The first of its kind in the Action RPG world where players become acquainted with full-sensuality, the ELDEN RING game offers a unique online play and the drama of a multilayered story.

    The ELDEN RING is an Action RPG game set in a new fantasy world. The first of its kind in the Action RPG world, the game is about a ritual competition to become an Elden Lord that is fought out in the Lands Between. Players can freely customize the appearance of their character, and, depending on their play style, can develop their character as a warrior, magic user, or scholar.

    In the world of the game, the Lands Between are a vast world that is connected by a different number of dungeons with varied layouts and locations to each other. Players can freely visit the vast fields where they can freely make progress. The drama of the world unfolds as players discover things in the Lands Between, and they become acquainted with a vast story which is composed of a variety of different thoughts and feelings.

    Players can choose from three classes: warriors, who can be freely developed by leveling up and increasing their physical strength; magic users, who can freely develop their magic and send magic waves to monsters and their allies; and scholars, who can develop their knowledge and solve riddles to increase their accuracy. The three classes are not independent, and players can freely switch between any of the classes at the time of battle.

    The game is a full-sensuality simulation that feels real. Players can freely customize the appearance of their character, and can freely select both the weapons, armor, and magic that they equip.

    Only a few of the weapons and armor can be freely customized. In addition to general equipment, players can equip battle companion tools that can be arbitrarily used for battle alongside the weapons and armor that they previously owned. However, players cannot select weapons or armor that are inappropriate to their class.

    Only limited magic can be freely developed, and players can freely select from a range of spells. Through the use of magic, players can freely direct their power to monsters and their allies. Through its high variety and wide selection of spells, there is no end to the variety of ways that magic can be used.

    Out of the combat techniques that can be used in the game, some techniques


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Perform a variety of Elemental attacks by hacking at your enemies and defend yourself with Elemental Magic.
    • The Elemental Element: Cat, Dog, or Bird
    Attack with Lightning, Wind, Fire, or Water. Each Elemental has its own distinctive basic skills. The Elemental Magic changes depending on the Elements you have equipped.
    • Beast-like Automatons have been Summoned by Madness
    Beast-like Automatons appear as a result of the dark magic cast by horrors in the darkness. Either by hand or using points that you gain when defeating enemies, you can ride in the form of a beast and perform powerful attacks against enemies.
    • Heroes Emerging From the Ruins
    With the power to choose to ride a beast or walk, heroes have the opportunity to face impossible challenges.

    In Dream Match, move your figures freely on the battlefield with optimal attack points. You can change the way your figures interact with an enemy by performing combos and charging fast to move the game to the next stage.

    Collect time-limited Magic Rubies to collect Custom Magic Stones, which can be used to cast spells and customize your skills.

    Manage the fortresses and build a guild to defend it from attacks.

    In the Abyss, construct and customize troops by recruiting high-level monsters and use them to bring the curtain down on the beastly race.

    Charm through friends to prevent them from leaving. Conquer the dark lands with fighting skills like no other.

    Like the soldiers of the great war, they would never think about getting beaten by annihilation to attain victory.

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  • Download:

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows 2000 (SP4), Windows XP (SP1) or Windows Vista (SP2)
    1 GHz Processor, 1.5 GB RAM, 100 MB HD Space
    1024 x 768 display resolution, 256-color display
    Windows 95, 98 or ME
    Game Description:
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