If converting images is what you’re in need of, reaConverter Standard is worth considering. Whether you’d want to convert something to a popular format — say, from JPEG to PNG — or are looking to tap into more specific, rather unchartered formats — such as CAL, DXF, and so forth — reaConverter is the app for the job.
Convert to your liking
No doubt, given the medley of formats available to you via reaConverter, there are a lot of users the app seemingly caters to. Upon booting up the app, you’re greeted by a quite simplistic yet intuitive interface that outlines this app’s duties right away: you can add your photos through the add files menu — or just drag & drop — choose the format you’d like it converted to, accessible at the bottom, and click start. And that’s that.
The app highlights the more popular formats through the aforementioned bottom menu, but you’re given the choice to add more, based on your needs. Thus, while a more typical JPG to PNG conversion isn’t much to talk about, the function to convert RAW files is particularly notable here.
The format saving option is just as notable, in that it provides a lot of usability in the case the user wants to get more specific with their desired conversion results: for example, changing the JPG format settings allows you to change the quality of the file, and even lets you pick the color space, if you know what you’re looking for.
Edit on the go
reaConverter also offers its users the option to edit the photos they’re looking to convert. For instance, from the ability to resize, rotate, crop, and even upscale your photos, all the way to being able to deploy color adjustments — such as brightness/contrast, gamma & color correction work — there’s a decent amount of usage one can get out of this app.
Even more, there’s also a Creative Retouching option nested in the same Edit images menu, which can perform lens correction, sharpening, artifact removal, and other such adjustments.
In conclusion, the functionalities that reaConverter puts at your disposal are promising. It’s just that there are a plethora of free apps with similar functionality, so this market is plenty filled already.


Download ––– https://tlniurl.com/2nalbf

Download ––– https://tlniurl.com/2nalbf






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reaConverter is a powerful image and video converter that converts many digital media files. It supports most image formats and nearly all video formats. It lets you edit images. You can adjust brightness, contrast, gamma and color.



File Compatibility



Conversion Speed




Customer Support


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If you’re looking for a tool for rendering 3D files, for instance, 3d printers, reaConverter might be what you’re looking for. Once you’re ready to convert your images, however, you can browse through for free on the C1.


Apr 13, 2018 | Anonymous via Amazon

Hrvatska i Zagreb, Croatia


For the quality and the price, this is a great option if you want to go from JPEG to JPG, but also convert to PNG, TIFF, and RAW. It’s also one of the cheaper options that’s available.

What’s new

The reaConverter team has added many new features. Here are the highlights:In this article, we will teach you how to convert the.docx file into the PDF document, making your life easier. The steps are briefly listed below:

1. Download the tool to download “MSWord to PDF converter free”

2. Install and run the tool on your computer to convert the document

3. Select the location where you want to save your file. If you select a specific location, then you can save the file in that folder.

4. Enter the location where you want to save the file

5. Select the file of the “document” to be converted. Click on �

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Convert your photos as quickly as you shoot them with exclusive features such as 16-bit RAW editing, auto-saving and creative retouching. To ensure your creative freedom, all of the RAW editing effects and adjustments are saved as a separate layer so you can apply them easily on other photos you shot later. You have a powerful, yet easy to use RAW converter. Advanced RAW editing features include:

* 16 bit RAW editing
* Automatic saving with preview
* Color correction (including color space and gamma)
* RAW file browser
* Addition or removal of 20 RAW options
* RAW histogram
* RAW setting
* Auto-exposure bracketing

・ RAW editing
・ RAW Batch: 80 RAW files at once
・ Creative Retouch: 3 modes
・ Lens correction
・ Colour effect
・ Contrast and brightness
・ Gamma
・ Saturation and hue
・ Artifact removal
・ Smooth
・ Flip
・ Rotate
・ Crop and resize
・ Retouch: Brush, Clone, Healing, Spot Healing, Drawing, Selective Highlights, Color Balance, Dodge
・ Auto Save: JPEG, TIFF or RAW files
・ Full RAW file browsing
・ RAW Noise reduction
・ RAW Noise reduction option
・ Auto exposure bracketing
・ AF/MF priority
・ Movement or a manual focus
・ Straighten
・ Histogram
・ 14-bits, 16-bits or RAW files
・ Adjustment Layer: Contrast/Brightness, Hue/Saturation, Gamma, Sharpness, Color Correction
・ Adjustment Layer: Vignette, Glow, Spot healing
・ Adjustment Layer: Distortion/Noise Reduction, Blowup, Artistic Effect, Black and White, Warm Glow, Negative, Colorize, Tint, Reduce Noise, Bleach Bypass, Color Studio, Posterizing, Contrast+, Pin Point Selection, Linie, Gradient, Inner Focus, Scratches, Spots, and Defring
・ Adjustment Layer: Lens Correction, Grading, Gaussian Blur, Lens Correction + Grading, No Basic Effects, Gradient
・ Adjustment Layer: vignette, Contrast, Brightness, Saturation, Hue, Color Balance, Gamma Correction, Black and White, Warm Glow
・ Adjustment Layer: Red Eye, Blur, Edge, Liquify, Filter, Object, Stroke, Path, WaterColor, Vignette, Corner

ReaConverter Standard

Create and share high quality images with the open RAW format.
Access to more than 30 RAW format and over 50 RAW converters.
Export to JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP and other formats.
Simple, intuitive interface, it does not require training.
Various conversion options.
For professionals: adjustment of colors, sharpening, vignetting, scratches, noise reduction, white balance, underexposure recovery, etc.
Furthermore, to edit the images before conversion in an edit mode, and all-new Crop and Effects functions allow you to adjust the orientation, brightness and contrast of a photo.
Features include:
— RAW format support
— 30 RAW format support
— Over 50 RAW converters
— Integrated sharing functions: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email, Upload
— Export to JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG and other formats
— Direct access to RAW converters
— Ease of use: no training required
— Simplified to meet your needs
— Options galore: vignetting, saturation, sharpening, brightness/contrast, gamma and more
— Edits can be made to a RAW image before conversion
— Adjustment of colors, sharpening, vignetting, artifacts, etc.
— Original images are saved after the work is complete
— In-place, for easy editing
— Various functions of the RAW converters make it easy to adjust the settings for the conversion
— Export options: send to device, camera roll, printer, email, FTP server, etc.
— Integrated sharing function: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email, Upload
— Direct access to RAW converters
— Large buttons for easy access to RAW Converter tabs
— Innovative interface and theme changes: the home screen changes every 30 seconds for the pleasant experience of everybody
— The Photoshop-like Editor mode allows you to crop, resize, rotate, sharpen,
veiling, etc.
— No WYSIWYG interface, Just crop, resize, rotate, sharpen, vignette, despeckle, flare and blur and it’s all done automatically.
— RAW sample images
ReaConverter is a free open-source app for Android that is available in both Google Play and F-Droid.

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What’s New In ReaConverter Standard?

The freeware camera application REaCONverTER offers you the ability to instantly convert images to any supported format via drag and drop. It saves time and effort, and allows you to work on your PC without restriction. Take advantage of it now! REaCONverTER takes care of a wide range of image file formats that include JPG, RAW, PNG, TIF, BMP, DNG, CR2, NEF, and many more!
– Import and convert images from/to any supported format.
– The conversion speed is very high as it offers the fastest image compression.
– The online service from REaCONverTER allows you to access your images on all of your devices.
– With the online service, you can start to work on your photos even if you don’t have your computer at hand.
– The program runs on all Windows operating systems.
– The program uses minimal system resources.
– You can work on the photos individually without any restriction.
– A speed test lets you check the conversion speed and the picture quality of your photos.Q:

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