Just as you use a word processor to write your mail, you can write, play, print and publish your music with Pizzicato Light, a music notation software. Yes, your notes, your music on paper with a professional quality. At home.
Before going further: remove any idea related to music being difficult or composition being impossible to learn without 10 years of study, because if you follow it step by step, the Pizzicato Light music course will show you exactly the opposite!
Pizzicato Light is a handy and comprehensive application suited to learn music and / or make your first steps in computer assisted music.
On the Pizzicato Light screen, you see the empty staff to fill. To add notes and rhythms, you will use a graphic palette with the values of notes and rests. To add a note, you click on the symbol and then click on the staff, at the desired position. The note appears.
Pizzicato Light automatically adjusts the positions. Simple, isn’t it ?And it is the same for the clef, the key signature, the time signature. Pizzicato Light offers a complete user manual which really helps the beginner in music and in computer handling. For the professionals, Pizzicato Light suggests a lot of smart tools and the possibility to create their own ones.







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“Pizzicato Light” is an innovative instrument for notation and composition. It enables fast, intuitive and intuitive music production and perfectly suits the needs of beginners and professionals.

Pizzicato Light is a friendly and comprehensive application, but it cannot deal with all music content. Let’s see what we mean by this:
– Pizzicato Light is a music notation program, i.e. it enables you to write musical notes, but it does not provide instructions for the instruments.
– It is also an audio accompaniment program, but it cannot display the sound of an instrument. You need to use another program (usually) for that.

– Pizzicato Light is a video editing program, but it cannot edit video files. You need to use another program for that.

– Pizzicato Light is also a digital score program, but it does not have a lot of graphic tools to compose.

The final word. I’ll show you a course in music notation which is taught using Pizzicato Light. To save the peace of your soul, the theory, the fundamental steps and the keyboard exercises are made easy and fast.

A step by step keyboard guide is included to help you write music. But you must have a keyboard to play it.

Pizzicato Light is completely free: it has no ads, no games, no registration and no watermarks. It is open source, so that you can even modify it.

* A simple and intuitive interface.
* A complete manual and a level-up guide.
* Music notes editing on computer: write notes and instruments, at any time and in any style.
* A student / teacher mode.
* You can set the time signature and the clef.
* You can create your own “Kompositionen” and “Compositionen”.
* You can add chords and accents.
* You can add counterpoints.
* You can set the instrument.
* You can change key signatures.
* You can change the time signature.
* You can make a rhythm sheet.
* You can make a bar chart.
* You can make a slider.
* You can add a drum-program.
* You can play the tracks you’ve created.
* You can edit the tracks you’ve created.
* You can save as sound, video or score.
* You can import/export your compositions.

Pizzicato Light

Pizzicato Light v3.0

Pizzicato Light is a music notation software for Windows®. It can be used to write, play, print and publish your music directly from your computer with a professional quality.

Now the music notation application that is the best fit for both novices and professionals.


November 1st, 2010

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How can I see the length of the instruments?


January 14th, 2011

This is one of the reasons I purchased this program. Now I can easily see where I have to move the cursor when I’ve transposed an instrument.

What’s new in version

We have a new user manual created for this version, and a new level of detail in the Help.

What’s new in version

Convert the chromatic clef to the flat clef. This is useful for those using a piano as a MIDI controller.Site Resources:

Fun Stuff:


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What’s New In?

– Fully integrated notation software: notes, clef, key signature, time signature, instrument, rests, chords, groups, pedal
– Window staff, rack staff, horizontal staff, dotted staff
– Glissando
– Tinkling, ostinato, arpeggio, swell, chord
– Tempo
– Rest
– Key signature
– Time signature
– Clef
– Chord
– Grouping
– Free movements
– Automatic staff placement
– Highlighted note numbers: notes, clef, key signature, time signature, instrument, distance
– Multiple staffs
– Versions with a capo or without it
Pizzicato Light’s features:
– Full double bass
– Glissando
– Key signature
– Time signature
– Meter
– Full freestanding part with clef
– Ability to copy parts of the staff or the whole staff
– Ability to apply trills (figures of eighth notes)
– Free movements
– Chord: back and forth, see chords
– Chord: ascending and descending
– Chord: group
– Chord: play and arranges
– Chord: only notes, only rests, fully occupied
– Transpose : up to transpose instrument, to transpose score to match instrument
– All inverses (vice versa)
– Arpeggiation
– Timbre tool
– Chord calculator
– Real-time time signature display
– Chord chart color picker
– Automatic staff placement
– Pizzicato Light’s user interface is based on a gesture-based panning mouse, which is used to navigate the notations. All operations are performed by gestures:
– Click on the staff to place the notes
– Click on the notes to drag them
– Click on the staff to hide the notes
– Click on notes to switch from colors to black-and-white.
– Click on the staff to create a rose
– Click on rose to create a color
– Click on rose to swap color with rest
– Click on the rose icon to unlock a new color
– Click on a color and drag to highlight it
– Click on the staff and drag it to a new position to center it
– Click on the staff to toggle between staff and rack
– Click on the staff to toggle between staff and arpeggio
– Click on the staff to toggle between staff and gate
– Click on


System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows® 8, 7, Vista, or XP. 64-bit edition of Windows is required.
Intel Pentium® or AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual core processor or better.
300 MB available hard disk space.
20 GB of available hard disk space for the DVD version of the game.
1 GB of available hard disk space for the download version of the game.
DirectX 9.0c (installed automatically if you play on a Windows XP operating system).