Personalized Desktop allows you to replace your desktop icons with any photo. Make your desktop a part of your family!
Select an existing icon on your desktop. Select a photo on your hard drive. Click on replace and you are done! Are you an advanced user? You can add text, draw different shapes, change colors and font.


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Personalized Desktop Crack + Free Download For PC

– – Remove Desktop Icons
– – Replace Desktop Icons
– – Make your desktop a part of your family!
– – Over 30 unique desktop icons (Wallpaper, Photo Gallery, etc.)
– – Add/change desktop icons with one click
– – Add/change desktop background with one click
– – Move, resize and re-arrange desktop icons
– – Turn desktop icons into action buttons
– – Supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and 95.
Also Known As:
Personalized Desktop 1.0.9, Personalized Icons, Personalized Icons.
– Internet access and a personal photo in JPEG, GIF or PNG format
– Personalized Desktop not affiliated with or Microsoft.
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*** Install Personalized Desktop with APK File ***
1. Save the file and have enough space on your device.
2. Open the downloaded file.
3. Run the file and click next button to install the file.
4. The app will be installed on your phone.
*** Install Personalized Desktop with APK Mirror File ***
1. Save the file and have enough space on your device.
2. Open the downloaded file.
3. Run the file and click next button to install the file.
4. The app will be installed on your phone.
If you have any issues regarding to this topic, please feel free to contact me.
This application is not affiliated to the original developer (Odin Gamers).

** NOTES **
This version includes additional features and fixes some bugs.
– – Fix “Pause” button of Desktop Gadget Portrait and Desktop Gadget Landscape (Resolution 3×1 and 6×1)
– – Other Minor bugs
Download Personalized Desktop and enjoy!

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Personalized Desktop For PC

– Create Custom Desktop Icons
– High Res Quality
– Easy to Use
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Personalization Desk Notifier
A desktop notification that displays updates when they occur. Every second, your PC will beep, flash with a “Desktop is busy” message, then disappear. Since it can’t be turned off, there is no need to reboot or anything like that.
The nag for no reason isn’t annoying at all, it just happens to be a reminder when you are already busy with something else. The next time your PC is available, it will beep and flash just for you, no one else. Perfect for people who are always on call and need to be alerted at all times.
Features :
* You can configure any PC to send your desktop notifications.
* Customize your desktop notification with a small icon
* It’s a freeware, works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.

download links:
iTunes link:

GooglePlay link:


Desktop Recycle Notifier
The Desktop Recycle Notifier is a cross-platform application for Windows. It adds your personal details to system components, enables you to easily clean your desktop or turn off your PC.
Simple and clear, the Desktop Recycle Notifier is fast and easy to use.
Search for the Desktop Recycle Notifier on

Windows App Store
BeOS App Store
Google Play

Every day, system workers around the world recycle billions of PCs. Your computer is likely to be

Personalized Desktop With Product Key 2022

★ Instant and automatic desktop icons replacement.
★ Quickly navigate and find your files and documents.
★ Desktop to lock the screen, always one click away.
★ Quickly navigate files with Tags, Alarms, and more.
★ Sync across multiple computers with Dropbox.
★ Automatically load your favorite websites.
★ Add your name as the title of the folder!
★ Share and download your favorite files.
★ Works on your phone, tablet and any other device.
★ Email a link to anyone in seconds.
★ Instantly share your desktop to Twitter, Google Plus, and more.
★ Available for free for an unlimited number of online accounts.
* Please note: This app is not for commercial use.
Note: The cloud storage is available to each user of the app but only for internal use. Please note that this application is only available to users with a Zipplite account.

★ Screenshot: Take a photo of the screen and also a screenshot from any app!
★ Auto screen recording: Create a video in a record time.
★ Notepad: Write and quickly edit text notes.
★ Fun: Draw fun images and share them.
★ Clipboard: Copy and paste files, text, images, address, and even music.
★ Notepad: New and faster notepad to quickly write down notes and thoughts.
★ Planner: Plan your life and write down your tasks in a new way!
★ Share: Share your plans and photos with friends or even with your contact list.
★ 3D Touch: 3D touch every app and its icon to quickly open it.
★ Notification: Read your latest notifications.
★ Quick settings: Quickly activate/deactivate any option that is available.
★ Customizable: Choose your own colors and you can change your wallpaper just in a few clicks!
★ Camera: Take photos, record videos, and let the beauty find you!
★ Easily create social media posts by using the ones that come pre-installed.
★ Photo Editor: Edit photos, change the colors, add effects, apply a filter, and much more.
★ Quickly and conveniently take a photo of a written text.
★ Send a link to any social media and share it without a glitch.
* Please note: This app is not for commercial use.

★ Take a photo of the screen and also a screenshot from any app!

What’s New in the?

➤ Change a photo as your desktop wallpaper on Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista.
➤ Group your icons into folders.
➤ Understand the details of a photo for the best result.
➤ Add a description to each photo.
➤ Move, resize, delete or duplicate files.
➤ Recover deleted photos.
➤ Process photos much faster.
➤ Make your photos gorgeous with a colored background.
➤ Customize many display options.
➤ Enjoy your new desktop!
Screenshot of Personalized Desktop on Windows 10
Special thanks to jimmymicrophone for suggestions.
• Replace desktop icons with photos
• Collect and print photos in a folder (Hard drive or external devices)
• Create a folder for your photos to group them under a common topic.
• Make your desktop background unique with a fun text and more.
• Edit photos to be your desktop background. Color, text, shape and size.
• Add a description to your photos.
• Let the computer do all the work and be presented with a personalized desktop in a matter of seconds.
• Recovers deleted photos, use this feature to recover the photos you lost.
• Keeps your file system clean. The best thing about this is this is a memory cleaner too.
• Move photos to a different location. Resize, duplicate and delete your photos.
• Browse and open files on the desktop for the first time.
• Advanced options for the best experience.
• This is a Windows 10 only app.
What’s New
* [Central File Manager][04] – Assign drive letter for your photo drive.
* [File & Folder Manager][05] – Save and recover photos.


★ 100+ High Quality User Interface Themes ★★
– Supports iOS 12.
– Use 4 themes, you can choose any of them to customize your home screen.
– Choose 4 Small, 4 Medium and 4 Large home screen themes.
– Replace icons with photos.
– Beautiful home screen wallpapers for your home screen.
– Download the latest AppChange theme for free.
★ Compatible with iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8
* [Free][06]
– Enable only the theme you need.
– Easy to customize home screen with the

System Requirements For Personalized Desktop:

OS: Windows 8.1 (64bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3
Memory: 4GB
Graphics: Intel HD 4000
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband internet connection
Storage: 25GB available space
Sound Card: Supports Direct X 9.0
Additional Notes:
The game is available in both single and multiplayer only.
OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i7
Memory: 16GB