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Logic is a remake of an earlier game of mine (Bulls and Cows) that I released in 2006 called Bulls and Cows. It was a small game with 20 levels with a maximum of 2 players. I decided to remake it with the objective of creating a platform that is a simple, fun, enjoyable game for beginners and advanced players alike. The game itself is a simple game where the goal is to drop balls into matching holes in an endless grid of blocks. It’s really nothing more than a logic puzzle! You have to connect adjacent blocks by dropping balls into the holes to clear the blocks.
So what’s new in Logic?
At the time of release I didn’t have the coding skill to create a full physics engine but I was still very interested in programming so I made Logic with a simplistic physics engine that is more suitable for beginners than expert level players. I have made sure that Logic is as simple as possible to make it a suitable introductory coding experience. I’ve also changed the graphics to add depth and to fit the genre.
-Simple Controls, Over 50 Levels, Leaderboard and Speed Game Mode.
-The Levels are Endless and change every 15 minutes.
-Two Player Mode
-Practice Mode
-Recent Games Section with Replay feature
-Modes for each level to test your skill.
-Clear Blocks as well as drop a ball into every available hole to unlock every level.
-Levels are Endless.
-There are 80-100 block designs.
-Clay and Sand – Ability to select a different physics based on the type of ball to drop into the hole.
-Five Colors to select your theme.
-Turtle physics – as slow as possible to allow the player to test their skills.
-Advanced Physics – selected by the player to speed things up.
-A Duckling to bounce the ball up and down.
-Cotton balls to allow the player to roll the ball across the Grid.
-Gravity – fall through the levels.
-Lava – moving platforms and blocks that can be interacted with.
-Holes – place blocks to create pathways between the blocks you have dropped.
-Puzzles- full levels with unique challenges and decisions to make.
-Boosters – Can be used to help the ball drop and help with speed.
-Navigation – you can navigate the levels and the blocks.


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