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during his life he wrote thousands of verses. his most important work is the masnavi, or the book of the rose garden. this is a long poem in persian. the most famous part of the masnavi is the part about the love of the beloved and the beloveds despair. this part is called the masnaviyya.

rumi was a prolific writer and wrote many books and books about teaching and promoting sufism and islam. his most famous book is the masnavi-i manavi, the masnavi or the book of the rose garden. rumi also wrote a book on tasawwuf (sufism) called the fiqh of the rose garden. rumi was also involved in politics and is considered to be a great political figure and a political and spiritual leader. he was the first muslim to introduce the concept of the caliphate and the leader of the movement to make it the official religion of the ottoman empire. he was a great spiritual figure in turkey, and it was in turkey where he became a national icon.

it is that last element that makes the masnavi a difficult text to translate, and the work of translation in this case especially challenging. the masnavi is not a continuous narrative; rather, it is a collection of short poems that deal with a wide variety of topics. the original text is written in arabic, and in translating it into english, mojaddedi has taken the unusual approach of not translating the arabic at all but using the english in the original text. he has effectively created a new text, one that is not only a translation but also a commentary on the original. to this end, he has taken great care to retain the structure and syntax of the original, so that the masnavi retains its original form.

The result of cross-searching across multiple different online databases. Searching for things like words, phrases, and authors specific for your document. Google it! My site uses a database to. Everything searched on this site uses the database. Hence a search for a poem on this site will most likely return a poem by the exact same name in Masnavi-e-Maulvi Rumi.
However, as a reference book, its larger significance extends beyond both its literary and mysticistic value, for it is almost sure to become the central source of reference for comparative thinkers, as well as for laymen who are seeking to understand the inner mysteries and cosmic revelations of the oltr ages. The title of Rumis Masnavi is synonymous with a fundamental inner principle which plays a vital role in Masnavi Rumi, in the overall design of the universe, and in the eternal struggle between good and evil. They create an atmosphere of unconditional love and joy. Rumis Masnavi also gives an insight into the human condition and the spiritual path of their predecessors, which most of the times are forgotten. Some other works of Maulana Rumi include Masnavi Kavita (a collection of verses from 1685 and 1687), Masnavi Duyun (a lengthy poem on farewell), Makwan-i-Kabir (a collection of homilies on a thousand works), and the Namus Sal-I-Rumi (a list of the main teachings of Rumi in Persian, Urdu, Arabic and Tamil). In the twentieth century, Maulana Jalal in a number of works, such as Ijaz-i-Zulfakar, and the two volumes of Rumis Urdu Writings, and Hikmati (Punjab, 1967, in Urdu), has attempted to complete the tradition.