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Generateurclepremiumuptobox · Aapka Kya Hoga Janabe Ali Hd 720p Bluray Movie Download · Dahej –Jaadu–SACRAMENTO, Calif. – San Jose Earthquakes goalkeeper David Bingham may be many things in life, but he’s never been a driver. But when the third exhibition game rolled around on Saturday, Bingham was behind the wheel of a Ford Fusion sedan driving fellow Quakes players out to dinner.

“At the start of the preseason I came up with the idea that we were going to put together a little outing during practice and take a trip to dinner,” Bingham said. “Groups of us would get in the car and just drive around, just have a good time.

“I really haven’t done much driving in my life so I didn’t think I’d be that good at it. But turns out I am and I’m actually really good.”

The result? Bingham may be in the California Highway Patrol’s top 10 percentile of driving skill, according to a recent report from the California Highway Patrol. And some of the Quakes players, who were understandably concerned about being in harm’s way, may learn a thing or two about driving on the way to their preseason matches.

During Saturday’s game, Bingham, acquired last month from the Kansas City Wizards, sat in the backseat of a Ford Fusion sedan with the player most likely to experience a crash: Quincy Amarikwa. Amarikwa, who signed with San Jose after two years with Sporting KC, was also in the passenger seat, along with Chris Wondolowski and Anibal Godoy.

It was a standard drive down State Route 87 in San Jose – a city traffic police report noted that Amarikwa’s car registered a 0.12BAC, and Bingham’s car hit 0.11BAC – and the group arrived about 15 minutes late at a casual restaurant where they ate and then went their separate ways.

Bingham is not the first MLS player to be the star of his own video game.

Wondolowski, for example, was the star of his own video game released a year ago, while defender Michael Farfan performed his own on-field tricks this week in Germany. And forward Shea Salinas was the