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•Travel through rooms filled with puzzles
•Use gravity to manipulate the environment
•Clip through doors and manipulate objects to solve puzzles
•Carefully watch your surroundings
•Slow down time and replay sections for better understanding
•Simple controls and no real storyline to get in the way of your fun
•Design, build, and navigate your own puzzle experience
•A Night in Vanet Manor is still in development, but the plan is to release an official version in 2018
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Google Play
Play Station VR
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published:22 Jun 2017


Come away with me on a journey through space and time for the first time in a long while, as we explore a unique and bizarre house that floats in the sky, overlooking a deep forest. This forgotten place is home to strange and haunting portraits wandering the halls of this asylum for no known reason.
The film tells us the history of this unknown and long forgotten home, exploring the fantasies of the mind and soul of its architects and creators.
Our thanks to ammon for sharing the images and process of this one!

In this quest you have to explore the house and find out what happened to those who lived here.
In the beginning you have to find the paintings that let you to the next world.
After that you will be set with 4 characters and you have to search through entire house/household.
The further you go, the more enemies you will meet.
There is no time limit but to find all of those who lived in this house you have to do it carefully and get to the end of all parts of this house.
And you have to find those whom made this all happen.
It will test your exploring skills and your intelligence.
It will force you to use your memory and you will be challenged to find your way in the house.
It’s all about exploring and finding your way in this crazy house.
Full Version Features:
– Explore houses
– Exploration
– Non linear
– Open World
– No Time limit
– Multiple Characters


Evie Features Key:

  • 6 rides in 8 parts – All the game parts have 5 musical tracks. Only 1 of them is a continuous loop track.
  • Easy to follow tutorial – We have a lot of mini interactive tutorials. So you can even play the game without reading a thing.
  • All the ride parts in Castle in the Sky – Clash of Sky Palace Soundtrack game have different lengths of the gameplay. Play each of them and end to start for the next. You can play from the start to the end as well. No jump sections in between.
  • All the ride parts in the game have interactive areas where you need to drop or pick up stuff. So each part is equal in terms of level difficulty.
  • Vibrant and bright environments – All the environments are made up from real-world locations, with tons of detail and such.\r
  • Vivid and lively ride animation – All the essential animations and movements of the rides are included in this package.


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Game Features:
Key Features:

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DirectX Tool Kit (DXTn/DXTK-) Copyright (C) 2007-2016 Dirk Lemstra
envelope and dxtn/DXTK headers

//[ Includes


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– FULL SCREEN: To make the song playfullscreen, simply click on the song in the list and press left mouse button to go fullscreen. Simply close the game from your taskbar and you’re done!

*Extract the files with WinRAR. Also extract the file Readme.txt in the folder to read it!*

Feedback is always appreciated, feel free to write a review in steam!


5th OPEN Theme by 映宮ことり☆

Release Date:



4th OPEN Theme by 玄瀬とまち

Release Date:



3rd OPEN Theme by 亜條子もり☆

Release Date:



2nd OPEN Theme by そら☆

Release Date:



1st OPEN Theme by ももあとがき

Release Date:



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Andrea (Original Composer of this game)

“To my dearest Chata,

Thank you for choosing the game “White Wings” to write the theme song. I hope you enjoy this song!

I haven’t heard you singing before, but I’ve heard a few things about you.”


“My love, I love you.

Let me entrust this letter to the sea birds.

I will look forward to your eyes at the next show.

Hatsune Miku & chata)”

chata (Singer)

“Thank you for the opportunity to sing in this game!

I’m really excited and excited to sing this song.

I love White Wings and I’m really proud to sing this song.

I hope everyone enjoys listening to this song as much as I did!

I love you!”



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