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Buku Effendi 1997 Tentang Biologi Perikanan.pdf

Biologi Perikanan Effendi.pdf.1. Biologi Perikanan Effendi. 2. Biologi Perikanan Effendi.The “Asylum” Seeker

“The ‘Asylum’ Seeker” is a poem written by Irish poet and playwright William Butler Yeats. It appeared in Yeats’s book The Winding Stair and Other Poems in 1896, and was the most popular of his poems in The River.

“The ‘Asylum’ Seeker” is primarily written in typical late Victorian romantic language. It is a meditation on the nature of man and the idea of the soul. The poem was inspired by the Irish revolutionary leader Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa, who died in 1887. In the poem, Yeats meditates on what it means to be a revolutionary, and whether the dissolution of society and the breaking of the laws of nature is preferable to eternal, unimaginably perpetual stagnation. In the end, in the end, Yeats comes around to regret the whole thing, and admits that the world itself cannot be changed. In the poem, Yeats also expresses his attitude toward Switzerland, where O’Donovan Rossa was born and a number of the audience for this play were gathered. Yeats had spent the year of 1890 in Switzerland and thus had a direct acquaintance with the people of that country. Yeats wrote in his diary that O’Donovan Rossa had been a great figure of the country, and a man he liked and admired. Yeats was critical of the rise of nationalism in Europe, and the association of patriotism with violent rebellion against the British.

The poem contains a number of historical references. The description of the “Asylum Seeker” is a direct reference to Rossa, and to the many rebels that had taken refuge in Ireland and elsewhere in Europe. Yeats’ musing over his own role in these events is seen in the lines “Of each thing that lives in life, I too am one / And I know what I would be” (lines 1–2). The “abstract being” in the poem, which the poem describes as “dim, unutterable” (lines 16–17) is in this poem the “Spirit”, which is also referenced in “The Stolen Child”. The “asylum seeker” is one that goes on an “exile”, which “neither life nor death can bind” (lines 30–31).


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Buku Effendi 1997 Tentang Biologi Perikanan.pdf

DOI: 10.1186/2197-1801-2-16

Effendi I 1997

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