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Basic Quantitative Methods For Business By Winston Sirug

the book explains the basis of those topics in an understandable and intriguing way. it is useful to those who want to understand operations research, management science, and applied statistics in a concise and understandable way. it can be used as a good reference source. i think this book will be a good buy for those who are interested in these fields and want to know more.

this book is a good addition to a knowledge base for management and business students. i find it particularly useful to allow those students who are already familiar with statistics to quickly and easily find the mathematical methods used to address problems. i recommend this book to all management students and those who are interested in business and are serious about understanding quantitative methods.

the book is straightforward, easy to follow and is presented with enough details and examples to make it very interesting. the book builds on the previous concepts in the book and gives a complete view about every aspect of the mathematical tools available in operations research. i recommend this book for anyone with a serious interest in the field of operations research and management studies. it is essential that any book on operations research and management start with this one. it is the first one i suggest students take, and i think it is the most complete and suitable for a beginner.

truly exceptional book. it is by far the best operations books i have read. it introduces the application of quantitative methods in the domain of management, operations research (the application of mathematical and statistical tools in the management context), and decision science. the book is well organized and gives the reader a good perspective of the major topics in operations research.

possible areas of implementation include: providing an introduction to mathematical statistics and probability, changing management theories from process to content, presenting risk assessment and management tools for decision-making, introduction to financial tools for financial risk analysis, introduction to simulation models for engineering optimization and introduction to advanced descriptive statistical methods used to assess data quality. basic quantitative methods for business by winston sirug. in general, the title of this textbook is very appropriate, because it is a book for anyone working in the business world. this book will help anyone work in a position where business is a major part of the job.
the book provides a great explanation of basic statistical concepts such as assumptions, sample selection and estimation, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing. the author reviewed a number of classic works and their first four chapters provide a clear description of how to use excel and/or r to do most of the statistical analyses. i also found this book informative because it deals with a wide range of statistical concepts and familiarizes the reader with modern statistical methods.
when i began to read this textbook, i expected to see some application of excel or even r, as using these software or programming language would be greatly helpful for our undergraduate students. however, i didnt see those applications in this textbook. although including the application of excel might make the textbook lengthy, i think it might be useful for instructors to use show those applications to students and strengthen their understanding about how to use excel or r to do basic business analysis.