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The AutoCAD trademark was first registered in 1978 in the United States. In May 2006, the trademark was extended through 2045. Autodesk was founded in 1977 in a garage in San Rafael, California.

Since its release, AutoCAD has been distributed in various forms, including free software. The original AutoCAD release in December 1982 ran on a CP/M-based operating system as the main OS and used X11 as a windowing system. A first public release in 1984, together with a demo version, was distributed for $99; the following year, the price was reduced to $79. AutoCAD was shipped with four fonts: Times, Courier, Helvetica and Palatino. Times and Courier fonts were free, while the latter two could be purchased at $19.50 each. In April 1987, AutoCAD was first offered in hardware form, a 286-based version of the program was distributed for $199. In September, AutoCAD was shipped for the Atari ST in two versions, the 286 and the ST version, with ST-specific features, including more efficient I/O and color screen display.

By the early 1990s, the original Applesoft BASIC-based AutoCAD started to be replaced by ObjectARX, which was developed by Autodesk for Windows 3.x (Mac OS 8 was introduced in 1987). ObjectARX was initially available as shareware (starting with version 1.0 in June 1991, for $55) and was also available in full version (starting with version 1.5 in August 1992). ObjectARX continued to be an object-oriented operating system of the ARX family and it was released for the Macintosh in 1993, for MS-DOS in 1994, for Windows in 1995 and for UNIX in 1996. In 1992, Autodesk released AutoCAD LT as shareware (starting with version 1.0 in June 1992, for $39.95). AutoCAD LT, an Autodesk Developer Edition, ran on Windows 3.1x, Novell Netware and OS/2; the following year, version 2.0 was introduced (for $55). After being ported to Apple Macintosh, it was released in March 1994 for OS 9.1.

In March 1995, Autodesk introduced AutoCAD Platinum, which came with all the features of AutoCAD version 2, except the I-beam drawing component. As an option,

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Applications using these APIs

AutoCAD Architecture is a parametric modeling tool for building architectural projects. Architecture is composed of architectural details (exteriors, interiors, furniture, landscaping, lighting, finishes, etc.), buildings (exterior & interior), and the city or region. The software supports fabrication, detailing, coordination of fabrication, construction drawings, rendering, presentation of results, and building information modeling. It supports a variety of building formats: architectural and BIM.

In addition to architectural design, AutoCAD Architecture also provides features for architectural engineers, such as setting values for forces, deflections, deformations, object statistics, mass, and friction.

Like most other software products in AutoCAD’s architecture studio, AutoCAD Architecture is a parametric modeling tool. This is mainly meant for modeling the project’s physical aspects. AutoCAD Architecture is designed to be user-friendly and contains many intuitive tools for various modeling activities. A feature of the architectural workflow is the ability to project to future, past, and present time. This feature allows the user to see changes in the project over time, such as the growth of a family, remodeling a building, or construction of a neighborhood.

Autodesk is the exclusive licensing partner for Autodesk Architecture, which requires a software license. The Autodesk Architectural License is valid in North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

AutoCAD Architecture was released in 2002.

AutoCAD has been used extensively in the manufacture of automobiles. The components of an automobile are created using special models, such as cutting tool paths, milling tool paths, and CAM surfaces.

In engineering, the ANSYS software is used to create the engineering models used in designing and analyzing the structural performance of buildings, bridges, and other engineering projects.

HVAC and plumbing
AutoCAD is used for drafting, designing, and supporting the process of heating and cooling (HVAC) systems and plumbing systems.

AutoCAD is used in architecture, primarily for design. AutoCAD Architecture also has features for architectural engineers.

AutoCAD is used in construction to generate the project blueprints that are used in the construction process.

Landscape architecture
AutoCAD is used in landscape architecture.

New media
In graphic design for new media and video games, there has been a significant adoption

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What’s New In?

Technical and Professional:

Easily build dynamic technical drawings. Easily communicate your product’s components and assembly in an effective way.

Graphics Management and Sharing:

Save time drawing complex parts by importing the 3D model for the part you’re drawing. Render to a single image that you can edit later with a single click.

Share your work and collaborate in real-time.

Work Better Together:

Connect with your designs in a way that’s intuitive and easy to use.

Powerful and flexible:

Create work that is efficient and adapts to your creative workflow.

What’s New

Markup and Import

A new real-time markup editor and import system makes it easy to include feedback in your drawing, even without printing. With AutoCAD 2020, you can quickly import words or drawings directly into your drawing. The result is a drawing with the added value of your valuable feedback.

Working with feedback can be done in several ways. You can import paper, PDF, or images with comments. Or you can incorporate an external source such as a website, a spreadsheet, or a person’s text notes.

Markup involves adding annotation to a drawing so that you can communicate with others or automate certain tasks such as changing the position of a part. You can incorporate information or feedback into your drawings through drawing comments or notes.

For more information, see Markup in AutoCAD.

Markup and Import

Save time by importing the 3D model for the part you’re drawing. To import an external 3D model or surface, simply activate the import option on the Markup tool bar, or use the new Markup Import window.

To save you time drawing, you can import an external 3D model into your drawing from a 3D file that you’ve saved to the cloud or to your computer. If the 3D model is in OBJ format, you can import the model into AutoCAD to have it transformed, lit, and rendered automatically.

Once imported, you can turn the 3D model into 2D geometry. You can then translate and scale it to your drawing size. You can also orient and position it. Or you can combine or composite multiple imported surfaces.

Technical and Professional

Export to PDF and other popular formats. With new

System Requirements:

Minimum System Requirements for Windows
Mac OS X
System Requirements:
Minimum System Requirements for Linux
Important Information
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