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All the same, as the letters of the Apostles bear witness, the Christian faith is not only based upon the fact of the Resurrection of the Lord but also on His coming again in glory with His saints (cf. Rom 9:23; 1 Cor 15:23-28). In fact it was in the expectation of the Second Advent that most early believers laboured for the building up of the kingdom of Christ, above all in the world of so-called Anti-Christ. This is seen from 1 Corinthians 3:5 – God is not confined to one place, nor yet is he limited by space; he is boundlessly above and beyond space, and is eternally at home in the heavenly regions.

Such acts of armed violence, which mark the dark side of history, have left lasting scars on mankind, on human dignity.[1045] And they are called upon to be healed. The Church is called to be the first to say No to war.[1046] War has never been a good way to resolve problems between nations, it has never been and it will never be, because it creates new and still more complicated conflicts.[1047] When it erupts, war becomes an unnecessary massacre, an adventure without return, that compromises humanity’s present and threatens its future.[1048] War is a scourge that never should have existed in the modern world, always a victory for force and always a defeat for the spirit of fraternal reconciliation.[1049] If someone says that “we have to fight,” the response should be, “We are not fighting; we are resisting.”[1050] The Good News is that every generation can also say “Never again!”

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